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Verordnung (EU) 2019/1148 für alle Akteure in der Düngemittel-Versorgungskette
 QM  · 04. March 2021
Alle Akteure in der Düngemittelversorgungskette müssen sich an die neue Verordnung über die Vermarktung und Verwendung von Ausgangsstoffen für Explosivstoffe halten. Diese wurde von der Europäischen Union im Kampf gegen den kriminellen Einsatz von Düngemitteln erlassen.

 QM  · 03. November 2020
In order to meet the requirements of quality systems (for example GMP, QC or HACCP), the ERP solution tacoss.eTRADE has been offering certificate-based control of the flow of goods as part of the QA tool for a long time. Cross-location, current and complete master data form the cornerstone for important business decisions.

 QM  · 06. May 2015
The program module for editing and managing sustainability in tacoss.eTRADE has its own query and administration portal. This is in the menu "Report \ Commodity \ Sustainability". Behind the "mass balance system" section is the tabular overview for the evaluation and analysis of stock and article-related mass balances.
 QM  · 01. April 2015
The program module for editing and managing sustainability in tacoss.eTRADE contains various program windows (menu: "Articles \ Sustainability \ Emission values") in which GHG values ​​for the individual types of emissions (GOODS, TRANSPORT, PROCESS, TOTAL) can be stored. When calculating the GHG values ​​for different emission types or in different units (for example: "g CO2 eq / kg of goods", "kg CO2 eq / MT" or also "g CO2 eq / MJ") ...
 QM  · 16. February 2015
The query windows "Report \ Ware \ Warehouse", "Report \ Ware \ Article" and "Report \ Ware \ General" contain the area "Stock transfers". From the perspective of a warehouse, an article or the fiscal year, the user can display the stock transfers. With the aid of the various selection criteria, stock transfers can also be searched on the basis of the release, the weighing order, the document date, and so on. The following "calculated columns" exist for the stock transfers: Billing ...
 QM  · 10. December 2014
The mass balance program "Article \ Emission \ Mass balance" and the query portal in the menu "Report \ Goods \ Sustainability" both contain the new process run "THG emissions in mass balances".

 QM  · 17. November 2014
In order to process sustainable biomass, tacoss.eTRADE offers various options for determining the input GHG value via contracts, self-declarations, NUTS tables and also valid standard values ​​from GHG articles. Goods issues determine the average GHG value from the warehouse and article-based mass balance for the movement date. With the help of the new property "THGAoutOverAverage" in the base parameter "000037 QMCertificates" it can be specified ...
 QM  · 16. July 2014