Data exchange: Configuration of Transfer types

For fast and error-free processing of data between different systems, automated data exchange is required in many areas. Thus the exchange of data with systems of other providers and authorities with the tacoss.eTRADE is carried out automatically in many areas. For the variable configuration of the data exchange, the new program window "Transfertype" is displayed in tacoss.eTRADE. added.

  • Number: Serial number of the transfer type
  • Description: Name of the transfer type for displays and evaluations.

Parameters tab:


The control features are stored in the "Parameters" tab. The following parameters are available here:

  • Import: The transfert type is incoming or outgoing files. 
  • Headline: If the file to be imported has a header line that is not to be considered.
  • separator: If the separator is not the same as the "; = Semicolon ", enter the separator to be used here.
  • Filename: Enter the file name including file name. The "XXXX" represents a progressive number.
  • path: Selection of the working directory for data exchange.

Access tab:


In the "Access" tab, the connection data of the FTP access for the automatic data exchange can be stored.

The following information can be stored here:

  • IP address: Specify the IP address of the FTP server used to exchange data. If no IP address is stored (eg the access to the FTP server does not work), the data is only stored in the "Workspace" working directory from the "Parameters" tab. From there, the data must then be transferred manually to the server. If an IP address is entered, the connection to the server must also be able to be established. Otherwise, no changes will be made to the tacoss.eTRADE. This ensures that the data between the foreign system and the tacoss.eTRADE are synchronous.
  • User: Specify the user ID for logon to the FTP server.
  • Password: User account password for logon.
  • Path: Specify the subdirectory on the server to which the files are to be transferred.
  • Last file number: L the counter number of the file. This number replaces the "XXXX" of the file name in the "Parameters" tab.
  • Participants: If necessary, the name for the unique identifier is stored in the file header here.

Description Tab:

The General tab for the transfer type can be stored in the "Description" tab.