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Team portrait: Working student Michael Frank

Michael Frank

Working student

Our specialist in app development

My job at Tacoss

I am responsible for the development of mobile applications and REST interfaces that enable communication between our ERP software tacoss.eTRADE and our apps.


My area of expertise

We develop our apps in Angular and Ionic. First and foremost, I take care of the front end and ensure a good and responsive design as well as a high level of user friendliness.


My advantages as a working student

You get a lot of practical experience here early on during your studies. I think it's great that as a working student I was given a lot of responsibility.


That's what I like about Tacoss

The best thing is that you are very flexible here when it comes to using innovative and modern technology.


I can't live without

Black tea


My motto

In my fortune cookie the other day at an Asian's, it said: “What you want is a trip to Hawaii”.


I like to do that in my spare time

Playing badminton, jogging.


I am an expert in

Functional programming languages.


My weaknesses



I would like to do that one day

Learn the Swift programming language.


That's what I like most about myself

That I am very good at learning new things.

The satellite apps I developed.

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