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Data exchange

Data Exchange · 05. October 2020
A special RMI-based server service is available for monitoring directories and files including processing in the ERP software tacoss.eTRADE. With the help of the corresponding action classes, a wide variety of watch services can be set up for tacoss.eTRADE application areas. These watch services all have a common goal: the automation of processes.

Data Exchange · 02. September 2020
From now on, all data records from the ERP software tacoss.eTRADE can be imported and exported. Flexible setting options enable uncomplicated cross-company data exchange.

Data Exchange · 24. February 2020
tacoss.eTRADE provides you with optimal functionalities to enable the processing and management of material flow balances with the support of the system.

Data Exchange · 21. May 2015
It is now possible to set the job TWTExport as a standalone RMI service. This then takes over the data exchange between the tacoss.eTRADE and the tacoss.ePORTAL. Only one service can accept the data exchange, so the TWT export job must definitely be blocked or removed when the TWT server is set up.

Data Exchange · 21. April 2015
tacoss.eTRADE offers various process runs. Also a process run to synchronize the contacts of the sales reps. This monitors and manages the updating of the contacts. In order to create this process run, a "sales representative" window must be opened, which can be opened by double-clicking on the "representative" program.

Data Exchange · 21. April 2015
For the exchange of data between the ERP software tacoss.eTRADE and an external PIM service, an RMI-based server service was completely redeveloped. The service is to be installed on a server or computer which can access both the tacoss.eTRADE system environment (explicitly the database and the system directories) as well as the external PIM services. The remote server performs the same tasks as the PIM startup. The required parameters ...

Data Exchange · 21. April 2015
To ensure the automated connection to the PIM service, so-called "PIM profiles" must be set up. These are used to store the login data of the users for the respective PIM service and to provide them as required. The PIM profiles are especially important for the process run and the PIM server.

Data Exchange · 21. April 2015
It is now possible to synchronize the representatives' representatives with a "Personal Information Manager", PIM for short (eg Outlook or Exchange). The contacts from the ERP software tacoss.eTRADE are copied to a previously defined folder and updated if necessary. The connection was realized by new table structures and program windows. Through this automatic exchange, the contacts of a representative from tacoss.eTRADE can be permanently provided with a PIM service ...

Data Exchange · 03. January 2014
For fast and error-free processing of data between different systems, automated data exchange is required in many areas. Thus, the exchange of data with systems from other providers and authorities with the tacoss.eTRADE is automatic in many areas. For the variable configuration of the data exchange, the new "Transfertyp" program window has been added in tacoss.eTRADE. Number: Serial number of the transfer type Designation: Name of the ...