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dms · 23. March 2020
External documents serve as an attachment to different data records. Users can easily add these to data records using drag & drop. With the help of tags, these can now also be sent through forms to a defined number of recipients.

dms · 10. January 2018
As a supplement to the archiving function, a new, easy to use module was created for the area of ​​document management in order to transfer external documents to tacoss.eTRADE and manage the documents in the application. The extremely simple and convenient assignment of external documents to program windows is done by dragging and dropping the documents on the respective target windows.

dms · 11. February 2016
For the processing of the print files, the processing and release of the print file records as well as the control of the printing documents and inspection of the archived documents, the print box is the main window. This can not be called from the window menu! Instead, a special section appears for each user in the upper-right corner of the main tacoss.eTRADE window, if the client is unlocked and the user has the required authorization level ...