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Web links right in the application
Other · 01. February 2021
Web links in the tacoss.eTRADE application support you by providing additional web resources. These can be websites of your own or of affiliated companies.

Other · 04. September 2020
The to-do function enables you to create tasks in tacoss.eTRADE with a description, to assign them to yourself or to other users or user groups and to set up related due dates and reminders. The to-dos replace the laborious process of communicating with your colleagues by email.

Other · 17. April 2020
Chat with your colleagues directly in the application. Do you just have a short question for the group or to a specific person? Don't waste time. Send a text message quickly.

Other · 17. March 2020
The use of DB join searches enables the user to enter a wide variety of query combinations in order to be able to display the required data.

Other · 17. December 2018
New employees, a motivated team, exciting software projects and a trusting and enriching cooperation with our customers mark our year 2018.

Other · 19. June 2018
Europe's business festival for innovation and digitization - the new concept of CeBIT, a combination of trade fair, conference and networking event - and we were there.

Other · 12. January 2017
With the new year, we provide our users with a completely revised help system. It is directly integrated into the Tacoss environment. Over the years, the Tacoss ERP solution has developed into a comprehensive and flexibly adjustable tool. Many individual customization options ensure efficient operation with this software solution. You just need to know which tools are in your toolbox and how they can be used.