Material flow management in tacoss.eTRADE

With the help of the material flow management in tacoss.eTRADE, you as an agricultural trader can offer your customers, the farmers, an additional service. This reduces the additional bureaucratic effort that comes with the new fertiliser ordinance and supports them optimally in implementing it.

Administration of material flow values

In just a few steps, you can make the desired settings in tacoss.eTRADE and specify which data records should be relevant for the determination and documentation of the material flow values:

  • Determine for which customers and goods the material flow values are to be recorded and documented.
  • Select which transaction types are to be released for material flow determination.

The nutrient values are already determined in the background, supported by the system.

export to external systems

An RMI-based server service enables you a cyclical and automated data exchange of material flow-relevant order data and values between tacoss.eTRADE and external material flow evaluation systems. In addition, you can call up the material flow values at any time via a database query, export them as a file or export them manually using a process run.


This gives your farmers an overview of all amounts of nitrogen and phosphate that have been added to the farm by you or given to you.

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