Contract management


The extensive contract management allows you to record, map and evaluate your business transactions individually, accurately and securely. You can create your own contract types and sample contracts for purchase or sales contracts. 


Different contract types allow you to define characteristics for individual, group, follow-up, commission, dealer, gradation and third-party goods contracts. 

Contract templates

While entering a new contract, predefined texts and qualities stored in contract templates can be automatically transferred. These templates are managed independently by the user. 

Dialog-based data entry

When entering goods related information in all parts of operations, the user can address contracts to access a lot of information. Several freight options can be defined in a contract and further product variants can be specified via the contract article in addition to the standard article and the article type of the contract. 

The dialog-based approach in selecting contracts allows the user to view all contract specific requirements and to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Contract rates

The contract management allows you to enter and manage contract rates both automatically and individually. The calculation of a percentage or value of a report factor is possible. The recording of fixed, date-related prices and surcharges is supported.

Performance quantities and levels are shown in tabular rate overviews with regard to the installment quantities and planned quantities. 

Performance quantities and levels are shown in tabular rate overviews with regard to the installment quantities and planned quantities. 


If contract goods are pre-processed, this contract data is automatically printed on the "Käferfax" form. When using the optional archiving feature for incoming documents, those documents signed by the supplier are automatically assigned to the contract simply by using the bar code printed on the form.


Linking between contracts

Purchase and sales contracts can be linked. These relationships are summarized in contract evaluations and commitments. The following information is displayed: 

  • Purchase quantity (order amount, weighing amount and transport volume)
  • Residual quantities (outstanding amount)
  • Degree of fulfillment (percentage of the quantity already taken)
  • Order
  • Weighing order
  • Transport order

Residual quantities

Ensure comfortable handling of contract processing by means of the residual quantity check. Contracts can be refused or partial quantities settled for new order items. The processing of follow-up contracts is also possible. 

Processed contracts or contracts no longer to be fulfilled can be blocked or indicated that no further transactions at the scale, at material handling and order management can be recorded against these contracts. 

Contract confirmations can be sent in advance in regard to hedging. All information can be assigned and the handling can be conveniently defined in the contract types. 

Contract statistics processing

Recording of structured and formatted statistical values within the contracts.

Contract extension to include articles

Extension of individual contracts to include the possibility of transacting different articles with different conditions and variants. This replaces the group contracts with the advantage of being able to use all evaluations for individual contracts.