Kassensicherungsverordnung - your checklist

In the past few months we have already informed you about the program extensions required to comply with the requirements of the KassenSichV. Cash registers must be equipped with a so-called technical security device (TSE). This stores the transactions of the cash register in an internal memory in order to then generate a code which is to be printed on every sales receipt. The data is stored in an unchangeable log. This must be exportable for the tax office.


The integration of the technical safety device in tacoss.eTRADE takes place via the fiskaltrust.Middleware. fiskaltrust is a software provider for the fiscalization of cash register and accounting systems. Technical security devices from different manufacturers as well as a cloud variant can be connected.


With the help of the following checklist, you can check whether all necessary measures have been taken from the installation to the initial operation of the safety device at your site.



You use the cash register module in tacoss.eTRADE.


Since the cash register module is an electronic recording system within the meaning of the German Fiscal Code, you will be informed about § 146 of the German Fiscal Code. § 146a German Fiscal Code: Regulations for bookkeeping and for records using electronic recording systems; Authorization to issue ordinances


The Tacoss team activates the property for the cash register security regulation for you.

fiscal trust API

The set-up of the cash registers in the fiskaltrust portal is done in coordination with us either by yourself or by us. Through the integration of the fiskaltrust middleware, a transfer of the cashfrom tacoss.eTRADE, from which the data generated in accordance with the Cash Security Ordinance is generated, stored and output on documents in compliance with the law.


Necessary master data programs are added to tacoss.eTRADE and stored by Tacoss employees. Further master data in the program windows cash register, tax codes and customer account are updated by the customer administrators. Necessary forms will be expanded.


The connected technical safety devices (TSE) must be initialized once for each checkout unit. The TSE serial number must be entered in each checkout unit, whereby several checkouts can use the same TSE.


Test the signature processing by first operating the cash register in training mode. A signature is then processed with an indication that the cash register is in training mode. This identification is also shown when the signature block is printed on receipts.


Before the activation for live operation, the cash balance must be 0,00 € and a cash closure must have taken place. The first transaction after activation for live operation must be the deposit of the cash balance.



If all requirements are met, a signature block is printed on receipts containing all the information required in accordance with the technical guideline BSI TR- 03153 "Technical safety equipment for electronic recording systems". This also includes the final cash report.

The transaction data for the checkout transactions can be made available to the tax authorities via the DSFinV-K export from the fiskaltrust portal.

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