Hardware models


Decide for yourself whether you want to use virtual resources and access the hardware via the Internet or whether your company's own IT department manages the entire infrastructure within your company.


The system requirements for the merchandise management system tacoss.eTRADE can be met in both models.

Infrastructure as a service (iaas)

In the model for using virtual resources, the cloud provider provides the infrastructure of a complete data center. From the server capacity to the provision of communication devices and the firewall. Plenty of storage space and backup systems for backing up and archiving data are available.


There are many advantages for your employees. Access to the tacoss.eTRADE application is guaranteed at any time and from anywhere.

1. internet connection

Your employees need a workplace with a good internet connection. It doesn't matter where your employees are located.

2. VPN connection

With the help of a VPN connection, your employees can access the corporate network. Traffic is encrypted over the VPN.

3. Start tacoss.eTRADE

The tacoss.eTRADE application can be installed on a server in the cloud and can be accessed by your users at any time.

More advantages for your company