Search, organize, export


In the Tacoss modules, you can search for data by means of a variety of criteria, structure search results according to your own ideas, and export data easily and flexibly at any time. Extensive selection parameters can be specified in the search, process run and print run window in order to obtain individual evaluations. 


Using many examples, the search window and working with selection parameters are explained in this video. Once understood, you can apply your knowledge throughout the program.


Search, structure, export (15:40)


00:00         Introduction

00:51         Search

00:51         Program window

01:58         Selection criteria

03:00         Operators

05:44         Edit records "mark selection"

06:48         Search criteria "save"

07:53         Structuring

07:53          Hitlist

08:47          Context menu

11:26          Copying records

12:39         Exporting

12:39         Selected data

14:12         Completely read data


(This tutorial does not fully describe the functionality of the Tacoss software, it is only an introduction)