Depending on the job profile and the workplace, each user can customize their user interface. By logging on, the user-defined programs can be automatically opened.


Programs which are frequently used but distributed over the entire menu can be stored comfortably in the central area "Favorites", so they can be quickly found and selected at any time.


The use of the CTI module enables you to make, receive, end and forward phone calls within the application.

If you receive a call, the appropriate data record with customer data can be displayed on the screen using an automatic caller identification. Individual settings allow the user to display the corresponing program windows for processing the order. 

Own evaluations and processing

Documents and forms, but also processing runs, can be defined and selected by each user in just a few steps.

Search function

The menu features an extensive search function, so that users can quickly and easily find required programs.


Whether large or small characters, symbols or explanations. You can choose between various look & feel options and adjust them intuitively. 

Flexible data input

When recording operations, the user has various possibilities for data input. Often the article number is not known, but part of the name or the matchcode. The user can enter the name or the matchcode directly in the article field. Various placeholders are available. The entered text is compared with the name, the matchcode and the EAN code of all articles in the main and foreign directories. Articles with corresponding matches are then displayed in a selection dialog box. If only one article corresponds to the default, it is automatically entered in the article field. Otherwise, the user can select the desired item in the dialog box.

This functionality runs through the entire application. 

Using some examples, you can get a first impression of working with this software solution.