Control center


The weighing program is independent of the goods management. It enables you to record and manage goods movements at the source - the weighbridges. 

Incoming and outgoing goods are entered in a weighing window and weights are retrieved from the serially connected weighbridges. In order to  monitor the order while individual weighing procedures take place, dockets can be issued. The program enables dispatchers to pre-order weigh orders for telephone inquiries. 

Different document number groups can be set up for the various transaction types, such as inputs, outputs, stock transfers, and so on.

At any time users know, which vehicles are on the premises with which goods. 

Optional laboratory connection

Analysis data of the quality determination can be retrieved from an optional laboratory connection, for use in goods receipts. In addition, product-specific target parameters for the qualities can be defined. 

Optional storage cell management

tacoss.eSCALE has an optional cell management. In a tabular overview, the user receives information about the stock levels and the quality of the goods contained in the cells. The summarized presentation of the stocks can be traced back to the individual goods movement.