Mobile applications


The new satellite server offers the possibility to use transactions and functions within eTRADE in real time via a language-neutral interface. This technology can be used, for example, to create websites or mobile applications that have functional access to eTRADE but have little logic of their own. All configurations and authorizations of the eTRADE user also apply via this interface.


" Take advantage of the Tacoss modules on the go and when your schedule allows. "


Torben Ulrich (Backend developer, Tacoss Software GmbH)

Avoid repeating steps such as system setup or implementing program logic. Direct access to the database eliminates time delays due to asynchronous data transmissions.

4 -layer architecture

To realize this interface, a 4 layer architecture was implemented. Each of the four layers only communicates with its application layer directly above or below it.

This architecture allows eTRADE functionalities to be accessed from anywhere. At the same time, the security is guaranteed that only authorized users can use the functionalities within the application.

This mobile application offers the possibility to release or block orders and transport orders with credit blocks on the go. The information on the transactions is clearly presented in the app. Push notifications can be activated to always be informed about newly recorded transactions.

This mobile application supports you with your storage bin management. With this app, you can efficiently and transparently carry out the necessary tasks in the area of goods receipt, goods issue and inventory.

The extensive functionalities of the module tacoss.ePRINT can now be used on the go. Checking, releasing and sending documents is possible with just a few clicks.

This mobile application supports logistics departments and drivers in the delivery of goods and helps to make the delivery process and planning more efficient. At any time and at any place, drivers have the possibility to retrieve orders assigned to the selected vehicle.

With this mobile application, you can retrieve, approve and upload or drag and drop documents at any time and from any location.

Increase customer loyalty by enabling your business partners to work even more easily and flexibly. At the same time, you facilitate the communication with your business partners and thus increase the efficiency of your own employees.