Incoming documents


Do not place your documents in space-wasting folders anylonger. Keep an overview, ensure quick access and reduce your administrative burden with this digital archiving solution.

Whether it is incoming invoices, offers, orders, receipts or delivery notes, this module helps you to archive all "not self-generated" documents. Due to the complete integration in tacoss.eTRADE, this module provides a special function for "self-generated" documents, which contain a signature or other important information to be archived. All documents generated from tacoss.eTRADE can be read again digitally. 

No further processing is necessary to link or index the document. The document is automatically linked to the process in tacoss.eTRADE during the import.

Documents tagged with a barcode and subsequently scanned can be read via a central inbox, which you can either fill by adding a single document or you can read a complete folder. 


Freely definable minimum requirements per form type allow for easy and fast indexing. Linking documents to operations allows you to quickly find them again and have them accessible within the company. 

Direct Link

The add-on module 'Direct Link', allows you to link the archived incoming documents with the corresponding operation during data entry.


This add-on module makes sure that all incoming documents are automatically forwarded to the appropriate person in charge immediately after the import.