• Payments and direct debits can be handled by DTAUS and SEPA procedures. 
  • The check creation is possible with or without OCR-A font.
  • Foreign payments are made in the DTAZV procedure.
  • Bank statements can be imported automatically.

The maintenance of master data is a prerequisite for generating payments and importing bank statements. This includes ie personal accounts and banks.

Automatic regulation can clear open items that have been created via postings. However, it is also possible to form manual regulation positions, such as payments on accounts.

Within the personal account master you can determine whether payment processing is carried out by means of a transfer or check and whether it can be reclaimed by direct debiting. Deviations from the specifications are possible in individual cases. 


You can print checks for payments generated from a payment proposal or from a manual specification.

It is possible to print both continuous forms as well as neutral forms in A4 format. In the A4 format, it is possible to print the OCR components (check number, bank sort code, account number) when the printer is equipped accordingly.


Clearing comprises the non-cash payment system. DTAUS procedures for domestic payments  (until 31.01. 2014), the SEPA procedure for the European payment area and the DTAZV procedure for foreign payments in foreign currency are supported. A payment proposal can be created for the items to be regulated. A revision of the proposal is possible. In addition, manual movements, such as account payments, can be recorded.

From the payment items, files are created in the format of the respective payment method. These files can then be imported into the banking software and processed there. 

Import Bank Statements

Banks can make bank statements in MT 940 -Swift format available. Movements contained therein can be imported. The movements are then assigned. 

On the basis of the bank connection and the purpose of use, an attempt is made to assign the movement directly, up to clearing open items. Movements that can not be assigned can be added manually. The user can define terms which can be specified in the intended use.