Flexible Bearbeitung der Vorgänge

Your process organization sets the tone. The object orientation in tacoss.eTRADE allows you to decide which process step to start with. In addition, the transaction settings can be easily adjusted by the users. Many work steps are fully automated. If, i.e., the eCTI module is installed and the user answers a call, a corresponding selection window opens so that new inquiries and offers can immediately be recorded - without superfluous input.


Umfangreiche Abrechnungsmodalitäten


Processing runs can be controlled both centrally and decentrally. In the field of invoicing, credits, invoices, bank statements, partial deductions, partial and final invoices can be created and processed. Individual and collective billing procedures are in place. In regards to third-party goods the warehouse billing systems allow shrinkage calculation.

For raw material inputs, the user can post the goods receipt which are subtracted and posted against the incoming supplier invoices. Same as handling third party business, provision can be formed when posting the goods receipt. This enables you to evaluate your company on a daily basis. 

 3  Aktuelle Unternehmenszahlen

By combining the goods management with the financial accounting and the cost calculation you automate your workflow, increase the accuracy and consequently reduce error sources. Moreover, the posting of goods receipt updates the financial accounting, the goods and, if necessary, the cost accounting. Take advantage of the fast invoicing and thus the increase in liquidity. 

4   Transparenz im operativen Geschäft

How much, where, when - to these questions you get the right answers quickly and uncomplicated. All users can view the status of the processing and can view all documents. Both, from order management and through various evaluations. Quickly you can supply your customers with the documents generated in the system via e-mail. All self-generated documents (delivery notes, dockets, weight notes, invoices, etc.) are automatically stored in the certified archive system. The documents can be reproduced at any time and can be recalled over all areas via the respective context menu of a tabular overview. For example, a right-click on the posting in Financial Accounting enables you to call the weight note or billing function directly.