Corporate app design


You have a variety of options to adapt the mobile application to your own corporate design. Make the application your own application that reflects your corporate identity. A separate color design can be defined for each client. We are happy to assist you.

Option 1 - the basic layout

Simply replace the basic layout. Let us know your basic colors and upload your logo. Your app gets a new look in no time.

Option 2 - the premium layout

Do you already have precise ideas and wishes? Basically there are hardly any restrictions with this variant.

In a meeting we plan together the implementation of the corporate design. We will then implement it according to your specifications.

Option 3 - no limits - do it yourself (css)

Do you know the Cascadin Style Sheets (CSS) style sheet language very well and would you like to plan and design your corporate design independently? Define your own design and send us a working .css file. We check and test the file, integrate it for you and activate the corporate design.

Your options at a glance