Working with the print box

Print box

The print box is the essential user interface for processing print files, whether you are editing and releasing print files sets or checking documents and viewing archived documents. It appears as a special area for each user in the upper right corner of the main window, if the client is enabled and the user has the necessary permission level.

Tooltips provide users with an overview of the documents to be processed or released.

Within the program window, extensive filter selection and different coloring of the statuses facilitate clarity.

Add external documents

External pages can be added to print documents.  

On the one hand it is possible to create an archive barcode with direct reference to the print document. Scanned external pages that contain this barcode, can then be attached to the print file.

On the other hand, external PDF files can be selected, imported into the tacoss.eTRADE database and assigned to the print documents. The advantage of storing in the database is the independence from file access. The PDF file can be reproduced and used at any time, even if the original file no longer exists or the processing run or the RMI server service can not reach it.

RMI Server service

For the cyclic, time-controlled forming and sending of print files from this ERP software, an RMI-based server service with predefined waiting times and rest periods or extensive variants (days, weeks, months) is available. There are several action phases:

  • Creating print files
  • Transfering print files
  • Sending the current status of the day


The server-side service for processing all print files maintains simultaneous connections to all active clients and operates the individual clients separately.