The web portal in an app


Increase customer loyalty by enabling your business partners to work even more easily and flexibly. At the same time, you facilitate the communication with your business partners and thus increase the efficiency of your own employees.

Extensive functionality

All the advantages of the web portal on the go on iOS and Android devices.

Individual profile settings

All business partners as separate profiles in an app.


Display all documents corresponding to the web portal.

Intuitive application

High usability and easy to use.

On- and off-line mode

Once synchronized, most content is available offline.

High security

Encrypted data exchange with the web portal.

tacToGo combines all the features and benefits of the web portal with the advantages of a mobile app. You use your access data to access the web portal tacoss.ePORTAL of your business partner. The current data is synchronized and stored offline on the device as soon as you are connected to the Internet.

free download

Use our test environment to familiarize yourself with this app. To do this, open the app. Then click the green "Demo Account" button. The test account data is entered automatically.

Technology and security

Die hybriden Apps können auf iOS Geräten ab 9.x verwendet werden. Die Apps nutzen die Zugangsdaten für das Webportal. Die aktuellen Daten werden synchronisiert und offline auf dem Gerät gespeichert, sobald eine Verbindung ins Internet besteht. In der Regel vergehen nicht mehr als zwei Minuten von der portalrelevanten Änderung in tacoss.eTRADE bis zur Verfügbarkeit im Portal bzw. in der App. Durch den verschlüsselten Datenaustausch mit dem Webportal ist eine hohe Sicherheit gewährleistet.

From the portal-relevant change in tacoss.eTRADE to availability in the app

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