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The new E-POSTBUSINESS API has been successfully integrated into our software so that we can offer our customers a qualified service for sending E-POST letters.

E-POST partner certificate for the year 2022

Functionality of the E-POSTBUSINESS API

By using the E-POSTBUSINESS API and tacoss.ePRINT together, you achieve a high degree of automation and simplify your processes. All documents that arise in the Tacoss modules can be taken into account and sent as a letter.

Thanks to the software-controlled, structured collection and bundling of documents, you will always be charged for the optimal postage.

Individual settings options in tacoss.ePRINT allow you to optimize the postage even further by, for example, specifying that the documents are to be printed on both sides.

The documents are handed over digitally/electronically to Deutsche Post via the web service interface. The delivered letters will be further optimized by Deutsche Post and finally sent electronically by E-Postal Mail or by postman in the classical way.


The interface is continuously developed by E-POST and currently offers the following functionalities:

Classic mail delivery

Delivery of "E-POSTBRIEFEN" to classic postal addresses.

  • Print in color or black / white
  • Single / double-sided printing (simplex / duplex)
  • All variants of registered mail (registered mail, registered mail delivered to mailbox, personal registered mail, registered mail and advice of delivery, registered mail with advice of delivery to the addressee only)
  • Optional cover sheet for sending documents without own address (eg presentations, flyers, terms and conditions, etc.)
  • Automated format verification of delivered letters according to DIN5008
  • Flexible authentication procedures for transmitting the login data


The price advantages are obvious, especially with regard to the joint use of E-POSTBUSINESS API and tacoss.ePRINT because the software-controlled, structured collection and bundling of the documents optimally calculates your postage fees.

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Our vendor ID

If you want to use the E-POSTBUSINESS API, you can simply use the Vendor ID T0821086181H .


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