In order to provide you with a better overview of the features and benefits of different products, we summarized them for you. In addition to the intuitive and flexible user interface, there are many other features helping your team to work more efficient. 

Management team

  • High investment security with platform-independent Java and SQL-based technology
  • Maximum transparency and efficiency through the automated mapping of individual business processes
  • Flexible growth opportunities due to the modular concept
  • Maximum optimization of processes due to many years of industry experience and consistent further development 
  • Permanent program-based compliance with legal requirements thanks to certified software


  • Intuitive and customizable interface
  • Always up-to-date transparency on all movements and transactions, both in financial accounting and in goods management
  • No multiple entry of operations and consequently avoiding   errors
  • Access to electronically archived documents at any time and thus significant time savings when searching for documents

IT team

  • High flexibility, as the modules can be integrated into most existing IT infrastructures and supported by common operating systems and relational databases
  • Data protection against unauthorized access  by using comprehensive access and rights management
  • Free evaluation of the data with an open data storage system (easy export to Office programs)
  • Individual adjustment options for operational processes

Business partner

  • Improved visibility of resources through immediate availability of completed operations with the corresponding documents (real-time)
  • Insight into contracts, commissions and orders with the corresponding documents - weighing data, results (quality), delivery notes, contract confirmations, invoices, credit notes