Simply informative applications


Management team

  • Transparent and efficient processes
  • Improved information management
  • Strong customer loyalty due to added value






  • Simplified data exchange
  • Flexible and fast delivery of price lists and general information
  • Cost and time savings by eliminating process steps in the field of document management
  • Relief in day-to-day business

IT team

  • Relief in day-to-day business - fewer customer inquiries regarding evaluations due to increased autonomy of the business partner
  • Reduced training effort 


Business partner

  • Clear overview of all accounts with corresponding movements
  • Insight into contracts, commissions and orders with corresponding documents - weighing data, results (quality), delivery notes, contract confirmations, invoices, credit notes, etc.
  • Immediate availability of completed weighing procedures with the corresponding documents (real-time)
  • Flexible data export and evaluation options
  • Flexible daily routines