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Electronic dispatch of documents

tacoss.ePRINT - WHAT IF

The tacoss.ePRINT module was developed in close collaboration with our customers in order to provide a tool for distribution-based, structured dispatch of printing documents.

The optimal and flexible workflow, considerable cost and time savings as well as a high degree of digitization are the advantages for your company. (The videos are only available in German.)


tacoss.ePRINT - User examples

All of the documents that occur in the Tacoss environment can be stored in a print box, merged into structured print files using a comprehensive distribution logic. They can then be sent electronically. Please take a look at this tutorial if you would like to get an insight into working with tacoss.ePRINT.

User examples (12:33):


00:00 Introduction

00:44 Print file structure

01:28 Procedure

02:33 User Interface with tooltips

03:32 Printing on the print file printer

04:51 Distribution logic

06:05 Program window print box

07:55 Context menu and releasing documents

07:22 Attachment of external PDF documents

10:33 RMI-based server service


11:35 of a print file

(This tutorial does not fully describe the functionality of the Tacoss software, it is only an introduction)

tacoss.ePRINT - Parameters and settings

With the tacoss.ePRINT module, you have all the freedom to adjust the flow of documents optimally according to your requirements and are therefore able to achieve a high level of automation in the area of ​​document control and dispatch.

This tutorial helps administrators to set up tacoss.ePRINT, so that all work steps of the users can be optimally controlled by the system. 

Parameters and settings (16:29): 


00:00 Introduction

02:07 Basic parameters

02:50 Print file profile and regions

06:15 Print file distribution

07:22 Print file stages

12:13 Print file delivery type

13:11 Print file delivery

14:11 Print file parameter



(This tutorial does not fully describe the functionality of the Tacoss software, it is only an introduction)