The documents or lists generated in the ERP system are automatically archived at the time of printing, without the user being able to influence this process. This avoids errors during the creation process.

The corresponding documents such as weighing notes, delivery notes, invoices can be viewed directly on the monitor for each transaction.


As a result, this program replaces the company-internal filing in the area of ​​self-generated documents, since all users have access to the archive system from their network workstation.

Documents generated in tacoss.eTRADE can automatically be integrated into the integrated archive.

Automatic archiving

The documents that are automatically archived include, for example, invoice, credit note, delivery note, G/L account update, personal account update, article account update.


For some lists, you can optionally decide whether archiving is to be carried out. This applies, for example, to the inventory list.

Flexible access

Archived documents can be accessed conveniently via the corresponding operations. You can access an invoice both by looking at the order or the resulting posting in the financial accounting.


In addition, all archived documents can be viewed via the central archive management.