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Document dispatch


Within the ERP software, the tacoss.ePRINT module enables the workflow- or distribution-based, structured dispatch of massive print documents, which are summarized as PDF documents in the form of print files.

Using tacoss.ePRINT you can achieve significant time and cost savings. The elaborate manual shipping process of your print documents simply is not necessary any longer. All the individual processing steps such as sharing printers, printing the documents, folding them, putting them in envelopes, adding stamps are no longer necessary.

"With just a few clicks, a lot of security, extensive flexibility and enormous time and cost savings, you can now send your documents via SFTP, EMAIL or E-POST."


Christian Tank (Managing Director, Tacoss Software GmbH)

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Fully integrated

This module is completely integrated into the programs and workflows of the ERP software, so all of the Tacoss modules can be taken into account.

Extensive distribution logic

An extensive distribution logic provides you with many settings for authorization levels for displaying and releasing documents. The module adapts itself to your workflows.

Add external documents

External pages can also be added to the digital print documents. You can assign them using an archive barcode. You can also select external PDF files and import them into the database so that they can be assigned to the documents.

Structured print files

Extensive PDF documents are created. You can flexibly set the order of these "print files", which are created per address with the same print sets.

Fully automated

An RMI-based server service is available for the cyclic, time-controlled forming and sending of print files from the ERP software.

Interface to the E-POST system

The E-POSTBUSINESS API, the web service interface to the E-POST system, makes it possible to integrate E-POST directly into the Tacoss modules.

From the application, you can send your letters electronically. You send your business mail either completely by mail or digitally as E-POSTBRIEF to the recipient.