Fixed Asset Accounting


The assets of the company are managed in asset accounting.

There is a link to financial accounting so that postings can be accepted directly.

The development is visible for the entire depreciation period of an asset.

Within asset accounting, depreciation is possible according to different depreciation methods, for example linear or degressive with different percentage rates. For this, AfA models are provided, which can be expanded as desired.

The characteristics of homogeneous assets are stored in groups of assets. The assigned group is used as the basis for the properties of the asset. 

Asset groups include land, buildings, machinery.

Among the properties is the depreciation method. In addition, the accounts to be posted are defined in the group.

Evaluations such as fixed asset accounts, asset history sheets, fixed assets and depreciations are available. Various criteria helps you selecting and analysing your data.


Within asset accounting, different accounting types for each asset can be managed in parallel. These are usually commercial law and tax law. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry several assets several times. In the asset, the view can be changed between the accounting types.


The account assignment is determined for each journal type in the asset group. You can specify a cost center here. In addition, the allocation to several cost centers can be specified in the individual assets.


The development for the entire depreciation period can be displayed in the asset.