Interest calculation


tacoss.eACCOUNT can be extended by an interest calculation. This allows calculation of debit, credit and overdraft interest rates.

Issued interest rate proposals can be edited.

An interest rate statement can be printed for the customer.

The interest to be calculated is posted automatically.

Interest rate codes can be allocated to personal accounts for debit, credit and overdraft interest rates.

The interest rates of the individual codes are managed with a validity date in a interest table. These data form the basis for interest calculation.




The calculation procedure is used to set up an interest rate proposal based on the presettings in the personal account. The billing period can be freely chosen, so that an interest calculation is possible, for example, monthly or quarterly.

The calculated data can be revised. The list of interest rates can serve as the basis for this.

Once the revision has been completed, an interest calculation can be printed. The posting is then carried out.


The interest list shows the interest which have been calculated based on the interest rates. The interest calculation is the proof for the customer.