User and rights management

tacoss.eTRADE has a complex user and rights management. Regardless of the size and organizational form of the company, administrators can easily, flexibly and quickly allocate different rights to users and user groups. 


The focus is on the adaptation to the profile of the users and the workplace. The precise allocation of rights minimizes errors and optimizes work processes. 


Each user has access to a set number of programs. Within the program windows, all fields can be assigned rights and the access to data can be restricted by means of filters.  


Extensive rights management with regard to access to documents rounds off the administration.

Administrators always have an overview of all registered users and the respective started programs and processes. These can be closed centrally, or by means of messages that request users to close the programs. Registrations and start processes can also be blocked centrally by the administrator, so that releases can be imported easily and quickly.