Quality management in warehouses










Whether you want to improve process quality, improve performance, avoid errors, or ensure the targeted quality, the warehouse-specific module "QM-Lager" in tacoss.eTRADE is ready to support you.

Operations help to record both the activities and measures of the employees responsible for the work areas at the individual storage locations and to document them in a sustainable and traceable manner for quality assurance purposes. Work areas are, for example, maintenance and cleaning plans, test equipment and rodent or pest control.

The query portal is divided into a wide range of areas and offers you a wide range of evaluation options. From work areas to objects and locations, storage locations, measuring points, treatment agents, operation types and measures, you can go into depth and view QS relevant data. For this purpose, several variants are available for confining the viewing content and time period. Different colors for the maturity help you keeping track of the control appointments.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Compliance with quality assurance guidelines.
  • Fully integrated tracking of goods flows.
  • Flexible and individual display of QS relevant data. Detailed scheduling.
  • Detailed scheduling.

Take advantage of the benefits for your company. With quality to success!

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