Data exchange: Import and export of data

In the area of electronic data exchange, we use current, standardized Interfaces to many third-party systems. A new and individually adjustable import and export function for data enriches the functional scope of data exchange in our ERP software with immediate effect.

Each data record from tacoss.eTRADE can be exported to a file and imported from a file to tacoss.eTRADE. Data of all data types (tables, block fields, images, etc.) can be exported in various formats.

As soon as the import / export interface has been set up by the administrators, users can import / export the desired data from all program windows.


" It was our aim to convert a complex task into a flexible, cross-system functionality. We succeeded because our users can now use all data in a simple and uncomplicated but structured manner. "


Torben Ulrich (Backend developer, Tacoss Software GmbH)

Your benefits

When implementing the functionality, all aspects and requirements of modern electronic data exchange were taken into account. Above all, the flexible handling and the individual setting options for the formats and structures enable you to optimally use them in cross-company scenarios.

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