To-do function in tacoss.eTRADE

With the new to-do function, you can now create tasks with a description directly in the application. Assign these tasks to yourself or to other users or user groups and set up associated due dates and reminders.

Linking the to-do to any program window to which the created task should relate makes work much easier. This means that there is no longer any need for time-consuming communication by e-mail, reference to program windows and repeated calls to these in tacoss.eTRADE.


"Programming this functionality was really fun because recording to-dos directly in the application is simply great. It saves a lot of time and you have everything in view at all times. "


Oke Dreja (Developer, Tacoss Software GmbH)

Directly in the application

You have the option of creating tasks with a description directly in tacoss.eTRADE, which saves you from communicating with your colleagues via email.

Assignment of users

You can assign the to-do to yourself, one or more other users, or one or more user groups.

Linked program windows

Create a to-do that is linked to a program window and the corresponding transaction, e.g. a specific order, contract, transport order, etc.

Due dates and reminders

Set a due date with a date and time. With the help of the reminder function, you can determine how long before the selected due date the assigned user / user group should receive a reminder.


Every time you log in to tacoss.eTRADE, you will receive notifications of your to-dos. There are three types of notifications: new to-do, reminder, and due.

Automatic creation

For certain events, to-dos can be automatically created in tacoss.eTRADE.

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