Team portrait: Sales & Support Nis Vollbehr

Nis Vollbehr

Sales & Support

Our industry expert very close to the customer

My job at Tacoss

Working in sales and support, I am the daily contact person for each individual customer. Both when it comes to new projects and ideas, but also when there are problems to be solved. My task is then to listen, to recognise the situation and to initiate solutions. My motto is: Challenges are not stop signs, but signposts.


My area of expertise

My area of expertise is agricultural trade, in which I have actively accompanied and shaped its change over 20 years in many areas and positions. Through this I have been able to accumulate a great deal of technical and practical knowledge and meet many people and characters in the industry.


That's what I like about Tacoss

The small team in which everyone can contribute their own ideas. This enables me to contribute my previous knowledge and at the same time to experience and learn many new things every day.


Ich kann nicht ohne
Meine Frau, meine Kinder und Ferrero Küsschen.


I like to do that in my spare time

Spending time with my family, sports, hunting and enjoying every single day anew.


I am good at

The ability to observe and assess situations accordingly, listen, think logically, grilling steaks.


My motto

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.


I'm not that good at

Languages - I would have liked to learn more of them in my life.


I would like to do that one day

I would like to walk the Camino de Santiago for once. Preferably together with the handball coach Alfred Gíslason or the football player Karl Heinz Rummenigge. But basically I try to set my goals and dreams in such a way that I can somehow achieve them.


I would like to learn that

To accept things I cannot change, to change things I can change, and to gain the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Reliable, conscientious but also star sign Gemini.

Challenges are not a stop sign, but a signpost.

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