Team portrait: Financial expert Wolfgang Helm

Wolfgang Helm

Expert in finance

Has ensured the company's success for over 37 years

My job at Tacoss

My focus is the finance area of our software modules. But I see my job as more comprehensive, namely to contribute to our company being successful.


My specialty
My business knowledge, especially when it comes to finance and accounting.


That's what I like about Tacoss

The existing awareness that new ideas and experiences do not hinder each other.


I can not without
Daily newspaper on paper.


my motto
Do first things first.


I like to do this in my spare time
Do volunteer work.


My weaknesses

A certain tendency towards perfectionism.

I would like to do that

To play the piano.


That's what I like most about myself

I leave that to others to judge.


I am proud of

My share in the development of our company over a period of almost 40 years.

Do first things first.

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