Contract management - this is new!

The extensive contract management of tacoss.eTRADE enables you to record, map and evaluate your business transactions individually, precisely and securely. We meet the growing demands on efficient processing by continuously developing our solutions.

New functions are available in the contract management. Do you already know them? A condensed overview shows you all the possibilities to act quickly and effectively with a large number of contracts.

Copy contracts to save time

Save time and reduce errors with the help of dialog-assisted copying of contracts with specifications for customers, term, article, quantity, number and any monthly breakdown including automatic chaining (follow-up contracts).

In certain cases it can also be helpful for the user to copy certain contract templates with many default values using the "F3" key in a dialog-based manner. All properties of the template can be adopted here.

Generate orders directly from contracts

Now it is also quick and easy to generate orders from contract windows and contract-related query areas. With the dialog-based approach, orders can be generated with the selection of the contract article and specifications for the customer account, transaction type, storage location, vehicle, article, quantity, date, number. A full plausibility check takes place. This workflow is secured by minimum authorization levels for the user.

Generate transport orders from contract slots

Time-limited contract slots for controlling logistical goods processes can be recorded and processed in tacoss.eTRADE. Transport orders can be generated from contract-based query areas on the basis of selected contract slots.


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  • Contract statistics processing
  • Contract links
  • Contract extension to include articles
  • Contract template management

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