Farmer for a day - insight into practice

With its ERP software, Tacoss Software GmbH maps the entire process flow in the agricultural sector. Our employees should therefore not only be technically experienced, but also understand the processes and backgrounds of the agricultural sector. We are therefore continuously training our employees and equipping them with the necessary knowledge.


Recently, our employee Marlen Tecklenburg, who supports us in the areas of marketing and documentation, had the opportunity to work as an intern in two farms for one day in order to gain an insight into the practice.

Ackerbaubetrieb Thomas Puck in Kiel

At Thomas Puck's arable farm, it was time to sow rape. Here Marlen was present plowing, preparing the seedbed and sowing and was able to learn a lot about cultivation, production, harvest and marketing of the cultivated products.

Uwe and Malte Hansen dairy farm near Niebüll

At the dairy farm Uwe and Malte Hansen, Marlen learned how to raise, feed, keep and milk dairy cattle and what tasks are involved in the cultivation and production of feed and silage.


“I have great respect for the work that farmers do from morning to night, whatever the weather.
I am enthusiastic about the great expertise that you display and your commitment and passion for your job - being a farmer is more than just a job. "

Marlen Tecklenburg, Marketing & Documentation


Many thanks to the farmers Thomas Puck and Malte Hansen, who took our employee by the hand for a day and gave her an insight into their farm, as well as to the Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft, which made contact with Malte Hansen.



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