Team portrait: Apprentice Jana Hauschild

Jana Hauschild

Future IT specialist for system integration

When the PC goes on strike, she's there to help

My job at Tacoss

As a trainee, I get to know all of the company's systems and tools. I set up the systems and computers internally and do research on new tools that we can use.


My specialty
I don't have a real "specialty" yet. However, I have already dealt intensively with "Docker". Docker is software that enables container virtualization of applications.


That's what I like about Tacoss

I feel that I am in good hands here, everyone has an open ear for me, there is a good you atmosphere. I also think the flexitime model is good: It doesn't bother anyone if I come a few minutes later and stay longer. I also think it's great that a colleague can bring his dog.


I can't live without

The people who are important to me. Fresh air.


I like to do that in my spare time
Windsurfing, archery and mountain biking.


I am good at

When I get a task, I follow it up until it is completed. If I want to learn something, I do everything to make it work.

I'm not that good at that

Sometimes I get stuck on something or occupy myself with it for far too long.


That's important to me

My friends, my family and my pets.


I am proud of

I admitted to myself that studying was not for me and started an apprenticeship.

I admitted to myself that studying is not for me

and started an apprenticeship.

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