More flexible rights for users

Regardless of the size and organizational form of the company, administrators can use the tacoss.eTRADE application easily, flexibly and quickly Assign different rights to users and user groups. The focus is on adapting to the activity profile of the user and to the respective workplace. The precise assignment of rights minimizes errors and optimizes workflows.


Until now, the rights could be restricted via programs, data, fields and documents. A new feature is the option of releasing certain functions via function blocks for individual users or entire user groups.

User and rights management in tacoss.eTRADE


Restrictions on program selection per user group.


Restriction of data through filters that are activated for specific user groups.


Individual rights can be assigned to all fields within the program window.


Access restrictions to all forms and archived documents.


Release functions via function blocks to individual users or entire user groups.


Functional rights

Functional rights expand the spectrum of rights management in tacoss.eTRADE in a variety of ways. Administrators can be relieved by enabling special functions for users with the appropriate qualifications and specialist knowledge. At the same time, there is no need to create an infinite number of new user groups.

Functional rights can be specifically controlled using assignment mechanisms and locks. Queries provide an overview of the functions assigned to users.

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