Team portrait: working student Sascha Repenning

Sascha Repenning

Working student / Applied Computer Science

Remote working student and computer scientist

My job at Tacoss

I develop and maintain projects within the tacoss.eTRADE environment. This also includes communication with the customer and designing solution-oriented strategies for new products and projects.


My area of expertise

The further development of the modules tacoss.eDOC and tacoss.ePORTAL as well as all relevant program points.


That's what I like about Tacoss

The freedom that is given in the implementation of the tasks but also in the individual way of life. I am currently doing my bachelor's degree in Wismar and working remotely at the same time, i.e. from my home office at Tacoss as a working student.


I like doing that in my free time

In my spare time I enjoy making and listening to music, playing video games and eating out.


Can't do without

A computer and an internet connection.


My motto

What does not fit is made to fit.


I am good at

I can familiarize myself well with unfamiliar and new topics and I enjoy celebrating small successes there.


My weaknesses

I want too much all at once.


I would like to do that one day

I would like to learn more instruments and travel – I would like to experience Asia.


That's important to me

Time for family and friends, but also time for yourself.


I am proud of

Having learned a new programming language within a year and using it to develop a program in production.


Describe yourself in 3 words

patient, balanced, friendly

Learning a new programming language within a year.

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