Jax 2022 - attending the Java conference in Mainz

JAX, the conference for Java, architecture and software innovation, takes place every year. Like every year, this year at the beginning of May we were there again with some developers and picked up valuable information.

Lots of input and good exchange

From early in the morning until late in the afternoon, our developers took in as much as possible in the workshops and lectures and used the breaks to exchange ideas with other companies. Some of the knowledge we gained about current technical developments and trends, not just about the Java programming language, has already been implemented in projects that advance our software products.


“Jax is a good opportunity to refresh your own knowledge, collect new input and also a good opportunity to exchange ideas with other developers in similar projects.”

Udo Boysen, software development


Among other things, there were workshops and lectures on topics such as: E.g.: "Technical debt: further developing software in the long term", "Continuous modernization of applications - Make Legacy great again!" or "The 7 misconceptions about software architecture" and many more. You can find the whole program here!


Our developers have now returned with new impressions, lots of input and new ideas and are continuing to work diligently and motivatedly on their projects. We are looking forward to the next JAX 2023!



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