Chat function in tacoss.eTRADE

Often it is just a short question, a hint or a reminder - you want to tell your colleagues something. However, you are currently working on a task and actually have no time at all. In such situations, nothing is more practical than a short chat, very straightforward and quick.


You can now chat with your colleagues right in your Tacoss environment using chat messages. You can open the chat window in the application and start a conversation. If you are contacted, a message appears informing you of new messages.

Chat groups

You can create chat groups quickly and easily. When creating a group, all you have to do is name the group and choose the different users you want to exchange messages with. As a group admin, you can add new users to the existing group at any time.


We use end-to-end encryption for secure message exchange. This affects all messages that are sent with the chat client. This means that only the people who are communicating with each other can read the content of the message.

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