tacoss.ePORTAL is a browser-independent web portal that provides you and your business partners with information and service around the clock. 


By using the web portal, you can offer your business partner even more attractive services while optimizing your own processes.

Data that previously only existed analogously in the ERP system can be accessed in the web portal.  

  • Clear overview of all account balances with the corresponding movements.
  • Insight into contracts, commissions and orders with corresponding documents - weighing data, results (quality), delivery notes, contract confirmations, invoices, credit notes, etc.
  • Immediate availability of completed weighing processes with the corresponding documents (real-time). 


The web portal is a personalized information platform for your business partners and at the same time a communication option for you.

You can provide your business partners with general information, such as information material and brochures, but also customer-specific information such as price lists.

All data can be sorted or individually filtered and exported. This way, your business partner can easily carry out evaluations and your own employees are relieved.

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