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Working student


Are you considering gaining practical experience alongside your studies as a working student? At our Flensburg location, we work in a family atmosphere with short communication channels and quick decisions. Thanks to the industry specialization and our wide range of software, you can get a lot of insights into modern software development and business processes.


„Es ist eine super Möglichkeit für mich, die Theorie mit der Praxis zu verknüpfen. Unser Team ist einfach klasse, man wird gefordert, kann kreativ sein und sich einbringen.“

Michael Frank

Working student, Applied Computer Science

  • As a registered student in the field of computer science
    , you will gain subject-specific practical experience in an IT company.
  • Get detailed insights into the world of business software development.
  • You expand your qualifications in terms of subject-specific areas, but also in terms of collaboration with teammates.
  • You can organize your working schedule very flexibly and work in the semester break just a little more.
  • We benefit from your basic knowledge in the front end development of web applications and your knowledge of programming languages such as TypeScript and JavaScript as well as web design (HTML5 & CSS / SASS).
  • Maybe you already have experience with frameworks like Angular (2 +), RxJS and Ionic.
  • We are always on the lookout for well-trained theorists.
  • We can use new ideas, lots of ideas and lots of ambition.
  • We can integrate you into the project work and set realistic goals.
  • We would be happy if you could assist us on average 20 hours a week.