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Sustainability: Process run to calculate the THG emissions in mass balances

The mass balance program "Article \ Emission \ Mass balance" and the query portal in the menu "Report \ Goods \ Sustainability" both contain the new process run "THG emissions in mass balances".

This process run recalculates the THG emissions in all operations with sustainable goods, which must be maintained in a mass balance in regard to sustainability regulations.

Selection parameters

Extensive parameters are available for a detailed, mass balance-based selection of the processing run:

  • From date: From which date are THG emissions to be calculated in the mass balances?
  • To date: Up to which date should the THG emissions be calculated in the mass balances?
  • From warehouse: From which warehouse are THG emissions calculated in the mass balances?
  • To Warehouse: Up to which warehouse are THG emissions calculated in the mass balances?
  • From article: From which article are THG emissions to be calculated in the mass balances?
  • To Article: Up to which article should the THG emissions be calculated in the mass balances?
  • For THG system: A combobox can be used to select whether the THG emissions are to be calculated in all mass balances or only in those that belong to the selected THG system.

  • THG values new: It can be defined whether the THG values ​​are compulsorily recalculated in the processes or, if manual changes are to be maintained in the emission lines or in the operations.
  • Locked balances: Should the THG emissions also be calculated in already completed or locked mass balances?
  • With log file: Should the changed THG emissions be recorded in one or more files?



Process run

The process runs through the defined articles and storage locations by mass. The THG emissions and, where appropriate, the emission lines ( order, weighing order and transport) are recalculated in all sustainable processes from the areas order, weighing order, dispatch or transport, corrections and production (Module PRODBESTAND).

Subsequently, the THG values ​​in the affected, updated main balances, system and sub-mass balances are recalculated.


The total mass balances are always recalculated. The system does not allow to contain areas, operations or customers.

For each newly calculated emissions movement, the following are shown:

  • Articles
  • Warehouse
  • Mass balance
  • Document date
  • Document time
  • New THG emission value
  • Direction
  • The associated operations with number and record ID

The range can be taken from the letter: (A) Order, (W) Weighing order, (P) Production or (B) Correction posting.


In addition, all sustainable transport deliveries for which neither a weighing order nor an order have been recorded and which fit to the article and the warehouse as well as the period of the mass balances to be calculated are reviewed and recalculated.

In addition to the THG calculation method and the THG emission value, no other properties of the sustainable processes are altered. Quantities and other data are retained.


At the end of the process run, the number of mass balances, emissions movements and operations from the respective areas are shown separately in the progress log.

If a checkmark is selected in the "With log file" checkbox, the processed operations with the relevant values ​​are stored in one or more log files  ​​(25.000 records per file) before and after the calculation. The progress log of the process run provides you with the directory and file names of the log files.


Before starting the process run, you should ensure that the database is backed up. Changes to the operations can not be withdrawn. However, the logfile provides a basis for restoring the THG emissions in the sustainable operations, if something goes wrong.