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operations · 23. October 2019
Mit der Einbindung RFID-basierter Datenströme in die Abwicklung von Warenvorgängen wurde der Grundstein für die Abwicklung von Warenanlieferungen über Selbstverwiegungs-Terminals gelegt.

Mobile Anwendungen · 02. May 2019
Der neue Satellitenserver bietet die Möglichkeit, Transaktionen und Funktionen innerhalb von eTRADE in Echtzeit über eine sprachneutrale Schnittstelle zu nutzen. Mit dieser Technologie können beispielsweise Websites oder mobile Anwendungen erstellt werden, die zwar funktionalen Zugriff auf eTRADE haben, aber wenig eigene Logik.

Other · 17. December 2018
New employees, a motivated team, exciting software projects and a trusting and enriching cooperation with our customers mark our year 2018.

operations · 26. September 2018
After recording transactions using the order management of tacoss.eTRADE many of those need to be settled. So far users were responsible for printing invoices, credits and other bills either by using an immediate printing functionality or by selecting a corresponding form in a print preview window. For many users this was a repetitive activity every day. It took a lot of time. The automatic billing in form of  ...

Other · 19. June 2018
Europe's business festival for innovation and digitization - the new concept of CeBIT, a combination of trade fair, conference and networking event - and we were there.

Workflow · 31. January 2018
Using the ERP software tacoss.eTRADE you have always been able to enter orders and quotations in order processing resulting in processes, such as orders or assigning purchase order items to a transport order, a weighing order or an order item. Quotations or orders can now also be generated by the end customers in tacoss.ePORTAL or tacToGo.

dms · 10. January 2018
As a supplement to the archiving function, a new, easy to use module was created for the area of ​​document management in order to transfer external documents to tacoss.eTRADE and manage the documents in the application. The extremely simple and convenient assignment of external documents to program windows is done by dragging and dropping the documents on the respective target windows.

Workflow · 08. September 2017
As part of the product tacoss.eMOBILE, tacToGo is the first app for iOS and Android. This mobile application allows you to access your orders, contracts, accounts and other data and documents at any time and any place.

Other · 12. January 2017
With the new year, we provide our users with a completely revised help system. It is directly integrated into the Tacoss environment. Over the years, the Tacoss ERP solution has developed into a comprehensive and flexibly adjustable tool. Many individual customization options ensure efficient operation with this software solution. You just need to know which tools are in your toolbox and how they can be used.

Workflow · 29. June 2016
The benefits of electronic signatures are especially significant for companies with complex responsibilities and high volumes of document traffic. You get even faster turnaround times by simplifying the document flow and reduce your paper consumption. The collected biometric data enable an automated authenticity check and the associated high level of security. The prerequisite for the smooth process is the integration of the signed electronic ...

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