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Contracts · 26. May 2020
Contract slots can be used to control logistics goods transactions in tacoss.eTRADE. This has many advantages for processing goods transactions via transport orders and at the scales.

Mobile applications   · 28. April 2020
This mobile application supports logistics departments and drivers in the delivery of goods and helps to make the delivery process and planning more efficient. At any time and at any place, drivers have the possibility to retrieve orders assigned to the selected vehicle.

Other · 17. April 2020
Chat with your colleagues directly in the application. Do you just have a short question for the group or to a specific person? Don't waste time. Send a text message quickly.

dms · 23. March 2020
External documents serve as an attachment to different data records. Users can easily add these to data records using drag & drop. With the help of tags, these can now also be sent through forms to a defined number of recipients.

Other · 17. March 2020
The use of DB join searches enables the user to enter a wide variety of query combinations in order to be able to display the required data.

Data Exchange · 24. February 2020
tacoss.eTRADE provides you with optimal functionalities to enable the processing and management of material flow balances with the support of the system.

Mobile applications   · 21. February 2020
From now on, the Tacoss apps can be adapted to your own corporate design. Make the application your own application that reflects your corporate identity.

operations · 23. October 2019
The integration of RFID-based data streams into the processing of goods transactions laid the foundation for the processing of goods deliveries via self-weighing terminals.

Mobile applications   · 02. May 2019
The new satellite server offers the possibility to use transactions and functions within eTRADE in real time via a language-neutral interface. For example, this technology can be used to create websites or mobile applications that have functional access to eTRADE but little logic of their own.

Other · 17. December 2018
New employees, a motivated team, exciting software projects and a trusting and enriching cooperation with our customers mark our year 2018.

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