Web Portal: Set up individual search masks using the role type

tacoss.eTRADE now offers the possibility to define individual role types for ePORTAL. This allows modified, individual search masks to be loaded in ePORTAL in order to show or hide particular columns in the table views.

To define an individual role type for search masks, you must first call the Role Type window (in the menu: General Settings \ System \ Role Types). A new role type can now be defined.

In addition to a number and a label now the identifier "Custom" in the "property" tab needs to be selected.

The text field is activated in an identifier can be entered in the following format:

  • For individual search masks, a SUM# must be entered in uppercase.
  • This is followed by the table name of the database table to which the search mask refers. In case of goods movements or orders, this would be the table Webwarpos.
  • Directly after the table, an equals sign followed by the identifier of the individual search mask is entered.

If this role type is saved and transferred to ePORTAL, this will try to load the individual search mask "tacoss" for the table "Webwarpos" (in this example). If there is no search mask "tacoss" a default search mask will be used.

To set up an individual search mask according to your wishes, please contact Tacoss Software GmbH. We set up the search mask for you and make it available to your web portal.