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Calculated columns: Sustainability and processing in stock transfers

The query windows "Report \ Goods \ Warehouse", "Reports \ Goods \ Articles" and "Report \ Goods \ General" contain the "Stock transfers" area. From the perspective of a warehouse, an article, or the fiscal year, the user can display the stock transfers. With the help of various selection criteria, stock transfers can also be searched for using the release, the weighing order, the document date, and so on.

The following "calculated columns" exist for stock transfers:

  • Billing (Column: GEGENLAGBEW.BELEGNUMMERN): This column shows the document numbers of the stock transfer billings. It could be several if there are partial and final statements.
  • Processed (Column: GEGENLAGBEW.VERARBEITET): This column indicates whether the associated order has already been processed or integrated.
  • From THG Zert. Goods (Column: GEGENLAGBEW.ABGANG_THGWARE): The checkbox shown in this column contains a checkmark if the associated outgoing weighing order is sustained.
  • THG Zert. Goods (Column: GEGENLAGBEW.ZUGANG_THGWARE) The checkbox shown in this column contains a checkmark if the corresponding weighing order or the order item is sustained.

Furthermore, to the reference operations

  • Order item,
  • Weighing order and
  • Outgoing weighing order

the corresponding column "THG value" can also be displayed if the value of the greenhouse gas emissions is to be displayed.


Falls die oben angegebenen Spalten weder sichtbar noch einblendbar sind, sollte der Menüeintrag "Standardaufbau" aus dem Kontextmenü der Spaltenüberschriften ausgewählt und die gewünschte Spalte aktiviert werden.