Sustainability: Accuracy of conversion factors for THG values

The program module for processing and managing sustainability in tacoss.eTRADE contains various program windows (menu: "Article \ Sustainability \ Emission Values"), in which THG values ​​can be stored for the individual emission types (GOODS, TRANSPORT, PROCESS, TOTAL).

The calculation of the THG values ​​for different emission types or in different units (for example: "g CO2 eq / kg of goods", "kg CO2 eq / MT" or "g CO2 eq / MJ") may require conversions. The system checks whether a conversion factor is stored in the respective area. Otherwise, it calculates the THG standard value from the associated THG article on the emission type "GOODS" and divides it by the likewise entered THG value. The system calculates with an accuracy of 4 decimal places.

Because of the resulting rounding differences, the accuracy of the various conversion factors has been increased to 15 points on the database and program side. Internally, the interim results of the THG values ​​are calculated with 15 decimal places. The final THG value is then rounded to 4 decimal places and thus represents a more accurate result.

Example: Wheat with "180,6 g CO2 eq / kg" and a default value of "23,0 g CO2 eq / MJ"

Previous Conversion factor: 0,1274
198,5871" g CO2 eq / kg" would be calculated from "25,3 g CO2 eq / MJ" .


New conversion factor: 0,127353266888151

"198,66 g CO2 eq / kg" would be calculated from "25,3 g CO2 eq / MJ".


When calculating the THG values ​​in the mass balances, these rounding differences may arise and the overall result can be "falsified".