PIM exchange: General Information

It is now possible to synchronize the customers of the sales reps with a "Personal Information Manager" (PIM, for example, Outlook or Exchange). In doing so, the contacts from the ERP software tacoss.eTRADE are copied to a predefined folder and, if necessary, updated. The connection was realized by new table structures and program windows.

Through this automatic exchange, the contacts of a sales representative from tacoss.eTRADE can be kept up-to-date with a PIM service.

Currently the PIM exchange is one-sided, so the data from tacoss.eTRADE is synchronized to the external PIM service, not vice versa. The ability to define the direction and type of synchronization is, however, planned, as well as a synchronization and administration of tasks, notes and appointments.

Within the "Administration" area of the main menu you will find the "Connector" program and a folder named "PIM Exchange", which contains the window for managing the PIM profiles. In addition, there is "PIM Mapping", which is later used to map the individual fields from tacoss.eTRADE (title, name, first name, ...) into other fields and into another format of the external PIM service and thus to customize the contact cards eg in Outlook especially for their own requirements.