Report: Export of the sales reps divisional sales

The sales representative can slip into various roles within the order processing of tacoss.eTRADE. Being a customer representative in the order or a representative of the division in the order item. These roles make it necessary to view the sales of representatives from different perspectives to allow adequate monitoring of the success.

In the master data program of the representative (in the menu: "General \ Master data \ Representative") and in the representative's query program (in the menu: "Report \ General \ Representatives") you will find the process run "Export of the sales reps divisional sales". 

This process run allows you to export the sales figures of individual representatives to separate files and export the representative totals to a total file.


The call to a process run provides the user with various parameters for selection.

At least the entry of the viewing period is necessary, so that the values ​​can be compared with corresponding prior-year figures.

If the process run is called by a user with a restricted view because a representative-based filter has been activated, eg "REPRESENTATIVE" or "REPRESENTATIVE USER, only those representatives or customers are shown, which the user is allowed to view in other areas. A representative could not, for example, export all the sales figures of all representatives.

The process runs through defined movements by representative and customer account and determines the values ​​for the statistical areas, which can be defined in the company parameters.

In the progress window, the representatives and the generated export files are listed.

Transfer type

For the structural description of the export files,  at least a new transfer type needs to be set up, which is used to export the sales of the divisions using the previously described process run. The transfer type is to be set up in the program window of the same name (in the menu "General \ Settings \ System \ Transfer Types").

The main settings are shown in the screenshot. The unique number and the name of the transfer type are freely definable.

  • In the "Parameters" tab, the checkbox "Import" must not contain a checkmark!
  • In the "Header" checkbox, you must specify whether the first line in the export file should contain the column headings (useful).
  • If the separator should match the semicolon (";"), the "separator" text field must remain blank. Otherwise, the separator to be used is to be entered there (for example: comma ","). The tab character can not be used as a separator.
  • The file name is used to define how the individual export files are to be named. Three masks (placeholders) are available for this purpose.

Using this process run, the divisional sales of all sales reps can be processed and exported. In addition, a total file is generated that contains only the totals of the individual representatives.